PE Tools - Utilities for the Petroleum Engineer

"PE Tools" is a collection of utilities useful to Petroleum Engineers. It assists the petroleum engineer in the "book-keeping" involved with calculating and tracking oil & gas reserves. It integrates porosity and Sw determination from log analysis, volumetric calculation, gas and oil propeties, then volumetric reserve calculation into one system.

PE Tools works well for keeping up with reservoirs from year to year. When it's time to do your annual reserve updates, open last years files, save them with the new year appended, make any changes/updates.

Note that reserves are normally verified using three processes: volumetrics, material balance and well performance (decline curves). PE Tools helps with the volumetrics aspect of reserve evaluation.

PE Tools also provides utilities to assist in the calculation of:
  • Tubing movement
  • Gas leak rate using the formula from API 14B
  • Fluid level in a gas well
  • Gas well bottom hole pressure
  • Minimum unloading rate of a gas well
PE Tools is installed on your PC. All files are saved to your hard drive or your local server. Advantage is all files are kept local to your PC or network drive. Also, you don't need a network or web connection.

Current version of PE Tools is 1 Feb 2015.

Contact Joe Anders at if interested in a copy.

Last Revised: 8 February 2015